Nothing leads you into the day quite like white tea. Harvested before its plant leaves open, it has a fresh, effervescent energy. The floral, delicate notes of white tea awaken you like the sun awakens a budding flower in the morning — a gentle but potent reminder to approach each day with a sense of novelty and grace.

And like everything we pack into our self care cabinet, studies suggest that white tea has health benefits we could all use to support our everyday wellness. 


  • It’s rich in antioxidants. Just like blueberries, strawberries and dark chocolate…add white tea to that list for another boost of cell protection from free radical damage. 
  • It may help slow the effects of aging — both internally and externally. 
  • White tea can help protect teeth because it’s a source of fluoride, catechins and tannins — a trifecta that wards off sugar and bacteria.
  • It may help against osteoporosis by fighting free radicals and inflammation.
  • It can help with weight loss as white tea extract has been shown to stimulate the deterioration of fat cells and prevent new fat cells, and boost metabolism in the process.
  • White tea may strengthen insulin’s ability to regulate your blood sugar.
  • The polyphenols in white tea may relax your blood vessels and boost your immunity to help prevent heart disease.
  • White tea extract has also been shown to trigger the demise of cancer cells and help prevent the growth of new ones.
  • Several studies have shown that the compounds in white tea (and many teas) are linked with a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimers

With impressive benefits like these, who wouldn’t drink a cup of white tea every day?

For a daily dose of white tea, you can start your morning with a sense of
well-being as you sip Enlighten or Zen tea blends.

You can also spritz on our white-tea infused Parfum 1 fragrance to keep
that subtly fresh feeling with you all day long.

Browse our luxury teas, Parfums and our entire Joie de Vivre collection
to support your personal self care journey.


ENLIGHTEN TEA - L'Artisan Muse
ENLIGHTEN TEA - L'Artisan Muse


ZEN TEA - L'Artisan Muse
ZEN TEA - L'Artisan Muse


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Written by: November Nichols

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