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Smile, breathe and go slowly... Drink in the feeling of simplicity and well-being with the fresh, light notes of Zen Tea. Create an instant inner and outer atmosphere of peace and serenity — a oneness of body, mind and spirit. Let the delicate notes of silver needle white tea and lemongrass envelop your taste buds and remind you to breathe and move at your own pace.


Silver Needle Jasmine, Lemongrass, White Peony

Size:  1.06 oz.

Servings:  20

Caffeine:  Medium.  Perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

Try this ritual: Be in the moment as you boil water and steep your Zen Tea. Be in your body and notice how you feel in the moment. As your tea steeps, take deeper breaths making sure you inhale and exhale fully with each breath. Enjoy each sip and be ok with moving at your own pace on your own path.

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