Our Story

At the House of Chémin, we want to support you on your wellness journey.

Welcome to the
House of Chémin.

We are a modern wellness brand that exists at the intersection of Beauty and Wellness, Experience and Service, Artistry and Life.

We specialize in custom fragrance, luxury spa experiences, and offer a curated collection of luxury wellness essentials and products.

We believe that when we care for ourselves, we care for others.

Our brand is built upon the legacy of medicine woman Mary Lena “Chémin” Portalis, the paternal grandmother of our founder.

She cared for herself and others with grace and love. Chémin would create all-natural, hand-crafted remedies, tinctures, and rituals, which she shared with her community.

It was her belief that beauty is cultivated from within - and we could’t agree with her more.

The Pathways


Clear Clear

If your spirit is buried by the fog and noise of your mind, it’s time for a spiritual cleanse. Relax and release so you can find clarity in this moment. When you are clear, your path appears.

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Align Align

When you’re feeling low and out of sync, shift your energy. Raise your frequency so you can tap into the infinite wisdom of the Universe and live your life by your design.

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Transform Transform

If you’re ready to embody a higher version of yourself, it’s time to shine some light into your darkest shadows. Carry yourself with love as you do the inner work of transformation.

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Manifest Manifest

When you want to take inspired action, drop into your body, the channel of intuition. Surrender so you are open and receptive to the intuitive nudges that will lead you to manifest your desires.

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Ground Ground

After a transformation or in the midst of a calm between life’s storms, create a steady place to ground yourself. Settle into your new path or perspective with ease, gratitude and love.

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Rest Rest

Your journey unfolds with divine timing. Create a sacred space to relax in the serenity of where you are on your path and trust in the knowing that what is for you will not pass you.

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November Nichols

“Self-Care Isn't Selfish. It's Vital!”