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Setting boundaries is a form of self care

Setting boundaries is a form of self care because boundaries protect your time, energy and space.

If you tend to say yes when you’d rather say no, and feel bitter, resentful or angry in the process… it’s time to set some boundaries. 

If boundaries are unfamiliar territory for you, here are some of our best tips to start implementing them into your life and relationships.

8 tips to set boundaries

  • Pay attention to your intuition. What feels like a good idea and what doesn't? What have you said yes to in the past that your gut said no to? How did you feel afterward?
  • Make decisions that serve your best interests and avoid blaming others for your emotions or actions.
  • Practice saying no. If that feels too uncomfortable use words like, "I can't this time" or "I wish I could but..." or "That won't work for me."
  • Avoid over-apologizing. Your boundaries don't require approval from anyone else. And if you feel any negative energy hanging around, light some sage or palo santo to clear it away.
  • Expect some discomfort. Setting boundaries doesn't always feel good, especially in the beginning. But it's part of the process and eventually it will feel easy — our Ease candle can help release the discomfort and serve as a reminder that choosing you is important.
  • Be consistent with implementing your boundaries. If people know you won't enforce your new boundaries, it's likely they'll ignore them altogether. So follow through.
  • Take note of how you feel after you've enforced your boundary. Do you have more time? More energy? Celebrate this new beginning and gift yourself a custom personal fragrance to wear as a daily reminder that boundaries are an important part of your self care practice — and your self care is essential!  

If you found these tips helpful, save them for later and share them with a friend because boundaries are a part of self care we should all be practicing.

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