An Inspirational Boost for Your Creative Expansion

An Inspirational Boost for Your Creative Expansion

Have you ever had an idea to do something new?

Something you’ve never done before?

Something exciting and possibly scary? 

Something like…start a business…write a book…flip a house…open a spa, restaurant or lounge…create an app…

Or maybe you have an idea for a gadget that pops open a bottle of your favorite champagne and pours you a glass! 

(And hey, if you make a gadget like that, let me know, I’ll be the first one to buy it!)

Your ideas are valuable and creativity is your birthright. And the creative process is truly one of the most incredible experiences you can have. It has its highs and lows for sure, but thankfully, you start on a high as you ride the thrilling wave of inspiration and excitement to bring your idea into the world. 

As you ride the waves of the creative process, you will likely encounter obstacles that may feel daunting. Sometimes it’s best to take a beat and recenter yourself so you can find a work around or hold space for a creative solution to reveal itself. As it plays out, keep believing in yourself and what you’re creating. Tap back into your well of inspiration to help carry you through the rough spots and do your best to look forward to the wonders that lie ahead.

And as always, remember that self care is vital, so support yourself on your creative journey by taking care of YOU in whatever way feels good.

One of the things I love to do is take some time out each day to turn off the noise and drink a cup of Enlighten Tea, a blend especially created to give you just the kick of youthful energy you need as you do the work to birth your creations into the world. 

Your nature is to create, expand and evolve…so don’t sit on the creative ideas and urges that have been following you around for weeks or months.

Believe in yourself and embark on your next creative journey!

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