A Recipe for Play

A Recipe for Play

Days filled with family, friends, chores, errands, appointments, exercise and trying to squeeze in a long, relaxing bath, a deep massage or a few extra hours of sleep on the weekends.

Sound familiar?


But let’s just add one. more. thing. 


Self care and rest are not just important; they’re vital.

But so is pure joy and PLAY.

The kind of play where you let your hair down, tap into your inner child and just do what feels good and fun!

When was the last time you played board games or took a ride on a ferris wheel or went to a skating rink? When was the last time you indulged in a favorite childhood pastime? When was the last time you enjoyed something fun and new? 

Play is just as important for you now as it was when you were young.

Here are some ways to add more play to your life:

  • Schedule a weekly or monthly game night with family or friends
  • Explore new places and activities like a painting class or a karaoke bar
  • Engage your senses by trying new foods, walking barefoot on warm grass or a sandy beach or trying new recipes like our Lady Lavender
  • Gift yourself fun new experiences like a spontaneous weekend at a new resort, a fun road trip or book a luxurious fragrance experience!
  • Indulge in childhood fun like roller skating, jumping on a trampoline, hopscotch or double dutch or hey…have a sleepover!
  • Watch comedies or movies that make you laugh out loud or call your friend who always has the funniest stories
  • Play with the seasons! Build sand castles on the beach in summer, make snow angels and igloos in winter, drop into a pile of leaves in the fall, make dandelion wishes or fly a kite in spring.

There are a million ways to play so circulate your regular self care activities with more of it.

Self care is vital…and so is playtime!

Lady Lavender - a drink to delight your taste buds!

Our Fragrance Experiences are not just a delight of luxurious smells…

It’s an experience to awaken all of your senses!

And for the taste buds, we serve our signature drink…

Our luxuriously lovely Lady Lavender.

We thought we’d surprise you by sharing this famous little recipe of ours…so you can bring a little taste of L’Artisan Muse home with you.

Lady Lavender Tea

2 tsps. L’Artisan Muse Nirvana Tea

2 tsps. L’Artisan Muse Tea Sugar

Cream to taste (International Delight French Vanilla or your favorite cream)

*Side note: I love to add tea TO my cream ;) 

If sugar isn’t your friend, try this variation:

Replace the tea sugar with 2tsps of Truvia brown sugar and if using cream, try Silk Vanilla Oat Milk Creamer instead.

When you make a cup of Lady Lavender, use it as a reminder to relax and savor the moment with a sense of ease and delight!

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